specialised tax services at reasonable rates

who are we?

Nubis.tax is a network of seasoned tax professionals. We operate as a team to bring a full complement of specialist tax services to our clients. View Team here.

How does our service offering work?

Our network consists of two tiers: Members and Independent Consultants. These Independent Consultants are grouped into three categories depending on their experience: Consultants, Associates and Specialists. Members have direct client relationships and Independent Consultants provide specialist support to Members. Members contract and liaise directly with the client and assemble a support team for each project, depending on the needs of the client. Such a support team normally comprises other Members and Independent Consultants, according to the skills and capacity needed for the specific engagement. A Member will review all work done thoroughly and ultimately remains responsible to the client.

How do we operate?

Although each Member contracts individually with their clients, we operate under the common nubis.tax brand. A common cloud-based administrative platform streamlines co-operation and project management. Information, documents, research, methodologies, financial models and a databank of tax consulting solutions are shared to leverage each other’s career experience and knowledge to the benefit of clients.

What makes us different?

Our clients enjoy the benefit of a very direct and personalised level of service but with access to a variety of tax skills at affordable rates. We can do this as we don’t operate within the constraints of a corporate consulting environment with exorbitant overhead costs and a paralysing administrative burden. Our cloud-based administrative platform also renders us highly efficient. Our teams are nimble and flexible and you don’t deal with a corporate brand, but with individuals that have made their mark in the corporate tax arena. The end result? A highly specialised tax service that doesn’t break the bank.

Who are our clients?

Our services are rendered to mostly medium-sized to large corporate clients. Typically our clients do not have a dedicated tax department and the financial department needs tax support. We do have clients that have tax departments but with the need for capacity support or specialised and independent tax consulting.

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