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Nubis.Tax Introduction

We thought it time for a proper introduction and a little background…

The founders of Nubis.Tax, Cobie de Lange and Izel du Plessis, had a vision to create a platform where top independent tax consulting professionals could work together to offer services of a high standard at cost efficient rates for medium to large corporate clients. This would require assembling a team of highly qualified, experienced and skilled tax consultants, where the emphasis is on a flexible work environment and an output driven remuneration system.

This vision was realised when Nubis.Tax was established in 2016. A cloud-based operating platform formed the backbone of collaboration between the consultants, who found the flexible work environment liberating and rewarding. This operating platform and co-ordinated system enabled everyone to pool their knowledge and resources productively to service their clients at an optimum level of skill and efficiency.

The concept proved to be very popular with a number of consultants from corporate consulting and academic backgrounds, to such an extent that the Nubis.Tax group has now grown to more than 8 professionals in 2 years. This number is expected to increase continuously as more tax consultants approach us to join.

We attach a profile for more background on how we work, who our consultants are, our services offered and our value proposition for our clients.

Our Company profile can be downloaded here.